RRP Solutions Inc. (RRP Solutions) based in Fairfax, VA enable clients with over 10 years of technical experience developing production solutions for commercial and government customers, including the Department of Treasury Office of the Comptroller (OCC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). As a proven partner focused on providing value through IT Solutions, Our proven track record demonstrates reduced production issues, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction. We have provided innovate cutting-edge solutions in Large Volume/Big Data Processing, Technical Project Management, Meta-Data Management Web Portal, Component-based ETL, Big Data Analytics, Quality Assurance Automation, Mobile Business Intelligence and Visualization.

The backbone of the firm’s tenacity and stability resides in its experienced Business Intelligence (BI) Analysts, Data Architects and ETL/ELT (Extract, Transform and Load/Extract, Load and Transform) Developers who possess highly credentialed backgrounds in General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software and Services. The information technology professionals with RRP Solutions have over forty-eight (48) years of combined experience providing quality services and exceptional results to exceed their clients’ expectations.

RRP Solutions is specifically skilled in Big Data Management and Business Intelligence, providing solutions that bring clients’ data to life. The firm has been providing Information Technology Professional Services to government and corporate clients since 2004. With a proven track record of successfully delivering technical and project leadership expertise, RRP Solutions has provided superior General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software and Services in Washington, D.C. and Virginia for the past ten (10) years. The information technology professionals at RRP Solutions are committed to exceptional client service delivery via unique business solutions designed to meet client needs and exceed their expectations.

RRP Solutions has a proven track record with a 100% success rate. The firm offers their clientele multiple innovative solutions that balance cost, quality/quantity and delivery schedules. The firm’s proven process to manage requirement changes, prioritization, risk and issues tracking, traceability and client communication makes RRP Solutions a unique model of success. RRP Solutions collaborates extensively with their clients to help them achieve their goals in the most optimum ways. To enable its services, RRP Solutions utilizes COTS productivity software from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP Business Objects, Informatica, Tableau, Cognos and other programming languages. The firm also utilizes various open source technology software from Apache, PHP, BSD, GNU and other commercial development tools for performance testing, as well as MPP and In-Memory Multi-Cluster distribution using CORBA, RPC and other Web/Network services.

  • Data
    Data Warehouse, Data Integration, Data Management, Data Mart, Data Analytics, Data Mining, Data Quality, Data Profiling, Database Administration.
  • Business Intelligence
    Information Visualization, Dashboards, Visualization UI/UX, Reporting, Discovery/Exploration, KPI Dashboards.
  • Software Development
    We take your vision and make it a small manageable components and give life to your vision. This will allow you to see the benefit all through the process while it is getting better and better.